Here are some accounts of our satisfied past clients:

My family and I have attempted to find a long-lost relative that nobody had contact with for at least 40 years. To make matters more complicated, we knew (or thought we knew) that he lived in Scotland. And we were all in Canada. So not really knowing where to turn or whom we could trust.

I found some good reviews of Dave Oman, Private Investigators, Oman Investigations. After exchanging a few emails, I felt he was a very honourable and hard-working individual that truly wanted to help my family in this matter.

He kept me up-to-date with everything he had found. He was very honest that there was a slim chance finding our family member. Since we did not have any information to give him other than a residence from our family member's childhood.

Date of Birth, and parents and grandparents names. But much to our surprise, after a couple of weeks, our mission seems to have been completed. Thanks to Dave Oman. I highly recommend him, he was incredible to work with, especially considering we're on two different continents


"Dave provides an exceptional service and delivers a staggering amount of information on the case at hand. He doesn't give up until the job is done."


So professional, highly recommend

Athena May

Great Service - would highly recommend.

Janine Smith

Thank you Dave, for your understanding and professionalism.

Stephen Donnelly

Great company, nothing but professional.

Doreen O'Donnell

Thank you for all of your help.

James Lynch

Great service.

Pete Donca

Great team they found a company that owed me money, for a job they never completed. Can't thank them enough.

Terry Ford

Thank you, my best decision speaking to you guys.

Litya Mesheva

Cheers guys, helped me a lot.

James Denby

This company is great, explained everything I needed. And they had it done with no problems. Would certainly Highly Recommend them.

Colin Louth