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*Our Target Clients...

  • Do you want someone Located, for some Ethical and Legal Reason? Oman Investigations, a "Leading Specialist Tracing Agency," have a 98% Success Rate in Locating People. Please scroll down the page to see our Long-List of the type of Trace Investigations, which you may need...

Serving and Supporting the...

  • The Legal Profession
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Housing Associations
  • Private Landlords & Letting Agencies
  • Private Clients
  • Private Companies
  • Finance Companies
  • Motor Rental Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • H.P. Companies
  • Banks
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Building Societies
  • Utility Companies
  • Locating Individuals, etc, in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. And of course, Scottish smaller cities and towns. In fact, I operate in England Wales and Ireland offering a first-class Tracing Service.

However, wait, there's more...

I have a Level-3 in Private Investigations. A National Vocational Qualifications. Demonstrating my competence in handling Private Investigations. However, wait, there's more...

3-Main Reasons for choosing Oman Investigations - What Other Private Investigators don't want you to know...

  • First, CAVEAT: Look. Many overrated Private Investigators are operating £30/40 NO TRACE/NO FEE. Please be under no illusions, these Investigators only use computers. They earn their fees only by dealing in Bulk Tracing. It's okay for the easier traces. But for the more difficult traces, you must provide comprehensive information for the trace to be successful.
  • Second, CAVEAT: Most Private Investigators will charge you £150/250 for a Written Report. You could pay more, depending on the length of time the Investigation will take. With OMAN INVESTIGATIONS - your Quality Written Reports are written FREE of CHARGE. You could save £150/250, or even more. "Our rates are fixed, - so you know where you stand with Oman Investigations."
  • Third CAVEAT: There are some disreputable rogue Private Investigators who GUARANTEE to find you a Missing Person within six-hours, etc. "Rubbish." Don't you believe it. No genuine Private Investigator. can "GUARANTEE" the results of an Investigation.

For hard-absconding debtors, etc, moving to Scotland, from England, Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands. - Solicitors, corporate lawyers, companies and private individuals, I offer you a top quality tracing service to locate these debtors.

It couldn't be easier - Please "ACT RIGHT NOW" 01779 475 329 or Email details to: daveoman488@gmail.com

Please scroll down the page and See my long-list of Tracing services, now available to the legal profession, barristers, corporate lawyers, private companies and private individuals. However, wait, there's more...

** Tracing Services

Which of these tracing services do you need?

  • People Specialists Tracing Agency
  • Locating Absconding Debtors
  • Locating Bail Absconders
  • Locating Missing Spouses
  • Locating Family Members
  • Locating Abducted Children
  • Locating Private Landlords' Rent Absconders
  • Tracking Private & Commercial Debtors
  • Enquiry Agent Support for Solicitors Locating Witnesses
  • Locating Corporate Debtors
  • Locating Will beneficiaries
  • Trace and Contact
  • Locating Companies
  • Locating Missing Company Directors
  • Business-to-Business Tracing
  • Adoption Investigations
  • Locating Deadbeat Dads
  • Locating Deadbeat Parents
  • Locating Long-Lost Service Pals
  • Locating Fraudsters
  • Locating & Contacting Long-Lost Family Members or Friends for American & Canadian Clients
  • Locating Absconding Tenants
  • Locating Missing People
  • Locating Missing Motor Owners who have Skipped Payments. (Finance Companies, Motor Finance Companies & Motor Hire Companies)
  • Due-Diligence Investigations
  • Private Landlord's New tenant Background Checks
  • Employers - New Employee Background Checks
  • Criminal Defence Investigations (Locating & Interviewing Witnesses to a crime). Local/Aberdeen.
  • Tracking Missing Teenagers (Local & Aberdeen)
  • In-Person Interviewing (Local & Aberdeen)
  • Oman Investigations going that extra mile for all of our clients.
  • *It' couldn't be easier - PHONE me RIGHT NOW at (01779) 475 329 or Email details to: daveoman488@gmail.com


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