"We Guarantee to have an Investigator out on Time, Every Time,
or You Don't Pay

An incredible promise no other Private Investigator dare to offer.
But I stand by my Word and Record

Oman P.I. - PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS is a People Specialist Tracing Service based in Scotland.
Offering a Full Range of Tracing Services to The Legal Profession.


Oman P.I. - PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS Serving and Supporting Solicitors throughout, the City of Aberdeen, Scotland,
England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Solicitors' Agents.

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  • Process Service for English Courts, Solicitors & Process Service
  • Background Checks for Pre-Employment Screening
  • Private Landlords' New Tenant Background Checks
  • Legal Aid Cases Accepted
  • Oman Investigations are GPDR/DPA Compliant - ICI Notified ZA258469
  • Member: World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Member: United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • Overseas Clients Welcome
  • Personal Service Guaranteed to all of our Clients

Although many Private Investigation Agencies have temporarily
closed due to the Coronavirus Epidemic...


"We are currently dealing with new business by telephone
and email."

We are thoroughly vetted by the World Association of Professional Investigators.
And the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network.

So you, the CLIENT, can be assured of a Thorough, In-Depth and Vigorous Investigation.

As we are Tracing Specialists, we are far better placed on Tracing Individuals
than other Full-Service Private Investigation Agencies.

If you're shopping around for Pricing, please bear in mind, We don't charge Mileage
in our County. Neither do you Pay V.A.T. And your Reports are written Free.

A lot of investigators do it, and it really adds up. With us you have total control
over your Purse Strings. There are no Surprises on the Price.

Please pick up your phone and CALL 017 7947 5329 NOW. Alternatively turn to
our Contacts page, or email us at: daveo4225@gmail.com

If possible, we prefer if you go to our contacts page. And tell us about your
problem. We will get back to you ASAP with our answers.

Our Website: www.peopletracingscotland.co.uk


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Local & National Service.

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