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Our Target Market, Law Firms, Private Investigators, Private Enquiry Agents, Private Clients and Creditors throughout the UK Sector

Clients welcome from London, Greater London, The United States of America and Canada, Edinburgh and Glasgow

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We have an amazing 98% Success Rate in Locating Individuals throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Oman Investigations work to a High Ethical Standard. You can rest assured, we abide by the Code of Ethics

Please make an appointment to speak Face-to-Face with us. We look forward to speaking to you, and learning about your Needs, Fears and Wants. So we can advise you cordially

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OMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a well-established Private Investigation Agency, that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a Professional & Speedy Service at all times, whilst maintaining the Highest Quality of Work

"GUARANTEED to Have an Investigator out on Time, Every Time, or Your Money-Back"

An Incredible promise no other Private Investigator Dare make to you. But I stand by my word and my record

Skillful, Discrete & Reliable


As a Professional Private Investigator, I provide an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service. For the Legal Profession and the General Public. We Locate Individuals throughout Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. As well as other cities located throughout the UK

I'm sure we can be of service to you, and make life easier

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Imagine, you've a close family member, who has gone missing. You're worried for this person's safety. You're anxious, tormented and fear for this person's well-being

Please look at the next paragraph for your answer to your question.

Dave Oman of OMAN INVESTIGATIONS has an excellent reputation for Locating People. With an amazing 98% Success Rate. Specialist People Tracing Agents, Serving & Supporting the Legal Profession, Solicitors, Law Consultants, Legal Agents, Corporate Lawyers and the General Public Nationwide

You've got a pain, which won't go away, until you take positive action with a proper source. You need your problem fixed now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now. You wish your pain would go away. And want your problem(s) resolved.

Now you can, we've vast experience in fixing solutions For our clients. We've helped many people, just like you, fix their problems. BANISH PAIN
Should you not take immediate action to solve your problems. The longer you linger, the more difficult it is to fix your problem to a satisfactory conclusion

You have a problem, which needs seeing to now. It could be a Missing Family Member. Or someone owes you money, and disappeared. There are a host of reasons why you may need to hire a Private Investigator. The longer you wait, the worse your problem gets. There are many Private Investigators out there vying for your business

The point is, what Private Investigation Agency understands your worries and anxieties. What Agency will you choose?

Make Oman Investigations your first choice

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Make an appointment and date, and speak to a seasoned-veteran with SKYPE

It can be difficult and daunting speaking, or contacting a Private Investigator, who you don't know. You can shelf these fears, and relax, as you speak to an expert. Who understands what you're are going through, your fears, your needs and your wants

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OMAN INVESTIGATIONS are an ideal partner for all types of Private Investigation and Enquiry Agent Services


Serving and Supporting the Legal Profession, Solicitors Law Consultants, Legal Agents and Corporate Lawyers. In Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow

WARNING. Many PI firms advertising NO TRACE/NO FEE. Be under no illusions these investigators use computers exercises only. And no information is sought for development beyond Credit Checks. It's okay for the easier traces. If these P.Is can't find the Subject with their computers. They move on to the next case. And your case is binned. End of Story. Please read on.

For any Enquiry which is intended to Locate the Subject. Comprehensive details should be sought at the outset. So please take note before hiring an Investigator.

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.OMAN INVESTIGATIONS INVESTIGATORS have extensive and practical knowledge of the Law. And are fully conversant with many aspects of:

Locating Witnesses and Missing Persons
Locating Missing Private And Commercial Debtors
Litigation Support
Criminal Defence Investigations
Solicitors Support Services

We understand, you may have reservations on using Oman Investigations. You are offered a Friendly, Sensitive and Empathetic Service. Please turn to the Testimonials page for proof of our services.

And there's more

Specialist Tracing Services are available to Clients throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you're a Member of the Public, or a Law Firm. Choose Oman Investigations, Specialist Tracing agents

Many Private Investigations Agencies charge £150 or more for Written Reports. With us, you pay £100. As you can see, you Save Big Money. Plus reasonable rates for clients

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You don't pay for the following:

> V.A.T.
> Personal attention. We do one case at a time
> Regular updates on the progress of the Investigation
> Phone call every 24 hours
> Time
> Phone Calls
>Friendly & Caring Service
> Reduced Rates for Written Reports

Most Private Investigation Agencies charge for some of these services. And you can rest assured it damned-well adds up. They'll bill you for every penny. With us, there's no "hidden charges." All you pay for is our Fee, and Quality Written Reports


Whether you're a small Business Owner trying to track down a Debtor. Or a Major Corporation Locating a Missing Executive

Should you hire say, Motor Vehicles or Heavy Plant Vehicles. And your customers has disappeared with your Motors. Or your Heavy Plant Vehicle, owing you many thousands of Pounds in back-payments. Plus had disappeared with your vehicles costing you untold thousands of Pounds. A predicament indeed. We can help you Locate your Missing Vehicles, at reasonable cost to yourself

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Oman investigations, Specialist Tracing Agents, offering you a personalized and bespoke service. With a Full Guarantee of Integrity, Confidentiality & Discretion. We are proud of our amazing 98% success rate in locating individuals. Even the coldest of leads, to locate the person, whom you seek.

ACT NOW CALL 017 7947 5329

We particularly welcome clients from the Unites States of America. And Canada, who wish to Locate Long-Lost Relatives and Friends. We offer a Trace and Contact Service for these Clients

In addition, we welcome Clients From London and Greater London for our Specialist Tracing Services

Please check out Testimonials Page for proof of Quality, Dedicated and Speedy Services by happy clients

The sixty-four Billion Dollar Question. Why use a Private Investigator? Private investigators are highly skilled and experienced in their craft. We are experienced in Tracking Individuals. We have the knowledge and many years of experience in dealing with all types of General Tracing.

Would you please take note

As Specialist Tracing Agents, we stand a better chance in Locating Someone, rather than using a Full-Service Private Investigators

ACT NOW CALL 017 7947 5329.

Many P.I. Firms boast they employ ex-police officers. Problem is, these ex-coppers are too reliant on their Warrant Card to obtain information. That's where Oman Investigations come in with Friendly, Persuasive, Patient Coaching, to obtain the information, the Client Desires

For Criminal Defence Investigations, we Track Missing Witnesses, and Interview them. Plus seeking evidence of the Client's innocence

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Please use the Contact Enquiry Form under Contact Us. There you can tell about your Needs, Fears and Wants. Of course, should you wish, you can contact us with Skype for a Face-to-Face Interview. Just make a Date and Appointment to speak to an expert

In comparison to our rates. There's a Tracing Agency in the United Kingdom, who charges in the guts of £1,200 for a single Tracing Case. An astonishing lot of money compared to the charges leveled by Oman Investigations

We are fair with rates, and charge less than most P.I. Agencies. And get you a better job done into the bargain

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Our Services

  • Process Service for English Courts, Solicitors, Law Consultants & Legal Firms
  • Oman Investigations are GPDR/DPA Compliant - ICI Notified ZA258469
  • Member: World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Member: United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • Overseas Clients Welcome
  • Personal Service Guaranteed to all of our Clients
  • Clients from The United States and Canada. Welcome.
  • We offer reasonable rates, wherever you my be based.
  • Clients from London and Greater London are welcome. Whether you are with the Legal Profession, or General Public. We can help you

We are thoroughly vetted by the World Association of Professional Investigators. And the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network. So you, the CLIENT, can be assured of a Thorough, In-Depth and Vigorous Investigation.

Oman Investigations, are fully-qualified and approved Private Investigators, attaining a Level-3 in the Principles of Private Investigation

PS. "On Time, Every Time, or it's Free." An incredible promise no other Private Investigators dare offer you

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