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As a Member of the World Association of Professional Investigators and the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network.
Oman Investigations work to a High Ethical Standard. You can rest assured, we abide by the Private Investigators Code of Ethics

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Oman Investigations have an incredible 98% Plus Success Rate in Locating the Missing, Lost & the Hidden. It's True.

"OMAN INVESTIGATIONS - the choice for all good Solicitors..."

OMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a well-established Private Investigation Agency, that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a Professional & Speedy Service at all times, whilst maintaining the Highest Quality of Work

"We guarantee to have an investigator out, on time, every time, or it's free"

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Skillful, Discrete & Reliable

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  • *Imagine. Have you ever wished that you could locate your elusive Debt Absconder? Well, now you can. Thanks to our powerful, accurate and state-of-the-art database. In 98% of missing Cases, we can successfully track down your missing subjects, etc. Join the satisfied ranks of our many satisfied clients ... We have reunited many long-lost family members and friends with their cherished loved-ones. However, wait, there's more...

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Our Promise to You.

- We offer you expert and professional service.
- A fast efficient service...Subjects are often located within a couple of working days...
- We offer you an excellent after-care service.

Introducing Oman Investigations - A Dedicated, Professional and Experienced Private Investigator ... Investigations are conducted live, in real time by an experienced Investigator ... A trainee will never be assigned to work on your case. Oman Investigations, a cut above the rest. However, wait, there's more...

Glowing Genuine Testimonials from satisfied clients...

  • "Dave provided an exceptional service. And delivered a staggering amount of information, on the case at hand. He doesn't give up until the job's done." Oliver"
  • Another testimonial from a happy client: "Hi Dave, I have been very satisfied with your services. Very responsive and great communication in keeping me up-to-date with how the trace was going." Mary
  • Here's another testimonial from a satisfied Canadian Client. "Thanks to Dave Oman, Private Investigator, I highly recommend him. He was incredible to work with." Becky

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1. SAVE MONEY... A quick and easy method is to use a "Specialist Tracing Agent." (Oman Investigations). This will Guarantee the job's done quickly and properly. With strict attention to detail.

2. SAVE TIME...We Locate Individuals etc, for a living. And have vast experience in tracing Individuals, etc. Oman Investigations can do the job quickly, professionally and accurate. Getting you the best results.

3. Your Quality Reports are written FREE of CHARGE(Save Big). You don't pay VAT.(Save Big). And your CONSULTATION is FREE OF CHARGE. Further, we promise to contact you regularly on the progress of the Investigation ...

Look., many Private Eyes will charge you extra after 5.00 pm ... With us, our prices are set, you're not charged extra ... At weekends, many Private Investigators charge you extra for working on Saturdays and Sundays ... With us, you're cost is already set. You don't pay extra for Oman Investigations working evenings and weekends. Period. However, wait, there's more ...

3-Good Reasons for using Oman Investigations

1. We are discrete, dedicated and trustworthy.
2. We only work on one specific job at a time. (Giving you the full benefit of our expertise)
3. Once we state a price for a job ... there are no further costs.

Locating Missing Persons Whether you're a small business owner, trying hard to track down a debtor Or a Major Corporation locating a Missing Executive. We work with Clients throughout Scotland (NATIONWIDE). To locate Missing Persons throughout the United kingdom. Employing our extensive experience in the "Tracing Field." And through the use of Data and Records Investigations ... A Personalized and Bespoke Service.

  • *COVERAGE: Local, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow. And covering all of Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland.
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  • Oman Investigations are GPDR/DPA Compliant - ICI Notified ZA258469
  • Member: World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Member: United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • Personal Service Guaranteed to all of my Clients
  • Clients from The United States and Canada. Welcome.
  • I offer reasonable rates, wherever you my be based.

We are thoroughly vetted by the World Association of Professional Investigators. And the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network. So you, the CLIENT, can be assured of a Thorough, In-Depth and Vigorous Investigation.

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