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Oman Investigations work to a High Ethical Standard. You can rest assured, we abide by the Private Investigators Code of Ethics

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Oman Investigations have an incredible 98% Plus Success Rate in Locating the Missing, Lost & the Wanted.

"All of the best Solicitors use Private Investigators to meet their needs"

OMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a well-established Private Investigation Agency, that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a Professional & Speedy Service at all times, whilst maintaining the Highest Quality of Work


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Skillful, Discrete & Reliable

Your first step is to read this piece in its entirety. Please don't skim through it - I don't want you to miss a single word. Because it's important you read this article for information to your immediate needs.

My tracing services will allay your fears and help you with the decisions you need to make. - I personally guarantee you to pursue each and every assignment with "Steely Determination. Bringing your needs, to a successful conclusion. However, wait, there's more"


Quality Reports are written Free of Charge! Other Private Investigators are charging you an incredible £150/250. I only work on one case at any given time, assuring you of a personal service. Promise to contact you on a regular-basis on the progress of the Investigation.I'll do all I can to make your life easy and comfortable. Our fees are affordable and easy achievable. Plus you don't pay VAT, making you big generous savings. However, wait, there's more.

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"We are a "Leading Specialist Tracing Agent." Based in Scotland. Serving and Supporting the needs for solicitors, barristers, businesses, private individuals and the courts." - Serving & Supporting clients in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. And the smaller Scottish cities and towns. In addition, I cover a vast area - from Aberdeen to London-with my Tracing Services. You can be assured of a professional, discrete and effective service."

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Possible objections on hiring a Private Investigator - Because, it could be depressing learning the after consequences of using a Private Eye. - Or are you crushed about finding out the truth. - Or you're afraid at what the information will reveal. - Do you want your problem solved to make life easier for yourself? - Now you can. However, wait, there's more..

Your problem will only persist as long as you're prepared to put up with it.

Glowing Testimonials from satisfied clients...

  • "Dave provided an exceptional service. And delivered a staggering amount of information, on the case at hand. He doesn't give up until the job's done." Oliver"
  • Another testimonial from a happy client: Hi Dave, I have been very satisfied with your services. Very responsive and great communication in keeping me up-to-date with how the trace was going. Mary

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We urge you to Please turn overleaf to the Services Page - And find out what other Private Investigators don't want you to know. - Please see the 3- main Reasons under "Services." Why I Strongly-suggest, you should choose Oman Investigations instead of our competitors. Serving our clients with "honesty, integrity and dedication" - GUARANTEED Take Positive Action Right Now. - Please email details to:

  • Here's another satisfied client from Canada: My family and I have attempted to find a long-lost relative that nobody had contact for at least 40-years. To make matters more complicated. We knew (or thought we knew) that he lived in Scotland. And we are all in Canada. So not knowing where to turn or whom we could trust. I found some good reviews of Dave Oman, Private Investigator, Oman Investigations.. After exchanging a few emails, I felt he was a very honorable and hard-working individual that truly wanted to help my family in this matter. He kept me up-to-date with everything he found. He was very honest that there was a slim chance finding our family member. Since we did not have any information to give him, other than a residence from our family member's childhood. Date of Birth and parents and grandparents names.. But much to our surprise, after a couple of weeks, our mission seems to have been finished. Thanks to Dave Oman. I highly-recommend him, he was incredible to work with, especially considering we're on two different countries. Becky. Canada.

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  • Process Service for English Courts, Solicitors, Law Consultants & Legal Firms
  • Oman Investigations are GPDR/DPA Compliant - ICI Notified ZA258469
  • Member: World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Member: United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • Personal Service Guaranteed to all of my Clients
  • Clients from The United States and Canada. Welcome.
  • I offer reasonable rates, wherever you my be based.

We are thoroughly vetted by the World Association of Professional Investigators. And the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network. So you, the CLIENT, can be assured of a Thorough, In-Depth and Vigorous Investigation.

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