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No Bragging here, Oman Investigations have an incredible 98% Success Rate in Locating the Missing, Lost & the Wanted. True

OMAN INVESTIGATIONS is a well-established Private Investigation Agency, that has built up an enviable reputation over many years. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a Professional & Speedy Service at all times, whilst maintaining the Highest Quality of Work

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An Article By Dave Oman P.I.

  • Your first step is to read this article in its entirety. Please don't skim through - I just don't want you miss a single word. Because there's a better than good chance I can meet your needs. And find a proper solution to your problem(s).

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  • Look. I understand, this to be the most toughest and challenging time of your life. Heck. You want your problem(s) eliminated as soon as possible. That's why I will act with all urgency to bring your life back to normality. So you can enjoy life as you should, without more worry. Make life easier for yourself.

testimonial from a satisfied client

  • My family and I have attempted to find a long-lost relative that nobody had contact with for at least 40-years, To make matters more complicated, we knew (or thought we knew) that he lived in Scotland. And we were all in Canada. So not knowing where to turn or whom we could trust.
  • I found some good reviews of Dave Oman, Private Investigators, Oman Investigations. After exchanging a few emails, I felt he was a very honorable and hard-working individual that truly wanted to help my family in this matter. He kept me up-to-date with everything he found. He was very honest there was a slim chance of finding our family member. Since we did not have any information to give him other than a residence from our family member's childhood. A successful trace, and the family were reunited. Becky Canada.

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  • Have you lost cash, when an Absconding Debtor skips town owing you a lot of money?
  • Are you a Private Landlord whose Tenant has skipped town. Owing you thousands of Pounds in back rent?
  • Are you seeking to find a Missing Heir to a big sum of cash?

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  • Tell me, how much is it worth to you to locate your loved ones, £10,000, £20,000 or £30,000. Tracing a Loved-One is priceless. Do you agree?
  • Heck. How much do you expect to pay a Private Investigator for their services? £500, £1, 000, or £2, 500, that's right. With OMAN P.I. _ PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, you'll pay an Easily-Affordable Reasonable Hourly Rate. Or an Achievable Affordable Flat Rate.
  • * Oman Investigations was created to meet the needs of The Legal Profession in Tracing Anybody Everywhere.
  • Please Note: As we are an effective and comprehensive "Specialist Tracing Agents." With many years of experience of Tracing under our belt. We are better placed to Locate an Individual(s) than a Full-Service Private investigation Agency. Please take this view into consideration before choosing a Private Investigator. You would save yourself a lot of money.

Don't Delay, take positive action now and call 01779 475 329. Or turn to contact us and send me an email regarding your problem(s) and your needs.

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  • 3 Good Reasons for using Oman Investigations...
  • First, You don't pay VAT, unlike most other P.I.s, who charge you VAT, making your Fee Soar.
  • Second, You only ever pay £50 for a Quality Written Report. Other P.I.s are charging you between "£150/250" for a Written Report. You Save Money.
  • Third, we care for our Clients, and GUARANTEE you to go that extra mile.
  • CAVEAT: Don't use a Private Investigator unless they're a Member of the World Association of Professional Investigators. Or the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network.*
  • "For the Legal Profession anywhere, Please tell me about your needs. And I promise you to do all I can to solve them."

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  • Testimonial by a happy client: "Dave provided an exceptional service. And delivered a staggering amount of information, on the case at hand. He doesn't give up until the job's done."


  • Look. If you're shopping around for Pricing. As a client of Oman Investigations, you don't pay for VAT., FREE CONSULTATION and QUALITY WRITTEN Reports are at an incredible Reduced Rate. Saving you an incredible £100. Making you a Bigger, Better & Greater Savings. You can be sure other P.I.s charge for these extra related expenses. And it bleeding-well adds up.
  • You may have some reservations on using a Private Investigator. I ask you. "Why haven't you solved your problem?" The reason, whether it can be the after consequences of Using a Private Investigator. You're Hesitant or you don't wish to find out the truth. Oman Investigations offer you a Friendly, Sympathetic and Empathetic Ear. I'm a good listener You're under no obligation to use my services.


  • The longer your problem lingers, the worse your problem becomes. Is your Problem causing you Blinding Headaches, Worry & Anxiety. Get rid of your problem once and for all. Oman Investigations is a problem-solver. Whose main job is to take away your Frustrations, your Disappointment and your Worries from you. If you don't contact me regarding locating an individual, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

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  • Should you want to locate someone of interest. It would cost you as little than £1 per day.

  • Please turn to our Services Page and find the Big Range of Tracing Services for The Legal Profession.
  • Please Notice: From time-to-time, I'm away from the office on Investigations. If you're calling me, please leave a short message on my answering machine. I promise to get back to you ASAP. [Thank You]
  • "Attention the Legal Profession anywhere in the United kingdom"
  • In addition to being a "Specialist Tracing Agent." I do "Criminal Defense Investigations." For Solicitors who Specialize in "Criminal Defense," and need a good Private Investigator. "ACT NOW" and CALL 01779 475 329 or email me at:


You're In-Full Control of your purse strings, There's no hidden charges

  • *Look. As a small Private Investigation Agency. Heck. My size works well to your advantage. Many Agencies are too busy to offer you a Personal Service. With us, you're GUARANTEED it.

take positive action and CALL NOW 01779 475 329

  • Any extra charges for the Investigation, you'll be told at the outset for your agreement.

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  • TESTIMONIAL: This company is great, explained everything I needed. And they had it done with no problems.. Would certainly highly-recommend them.


For Bright and Savvy Solicitors, who use Oman Investigations on a Repeat Regular-Basis. Incredible generous Discounts are on offer to you. See our Testimonials by our happy clients.

*I GUARANTEE to keep you up-to-date regarding the progress of the Trace Investigation. By Phone or Email on a regular-basis. Your choice.*

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  • attention visitors to my website from the united states and Canada...

  • Look. I offer a Quality Trace and Contact Service for visitors to my website. From the United States and Canada. I personally


    to keep-you up-to-date, with the progress of the Trace Investigation. Should you wish to locate Missing Heirs, Family/Friends or someone of interest etc. Please turn to my Contact Page, and send me an email regarding your worry or your needs. Oman Investigations welcomes you.

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  • Turn to our Contact Form, and tell us about your Needs. We will do our best to solve your Needs. And bring your Problem to a satisfying conclusion.
  • Suffer no longer,take POSITIVE ACTION TODAY CALL 01779 475 329 NOW.

My Services

  • Process Service for English Courts, Solicitors, Law Consultants & Legal Firms
  • Oman Investigations are GPDR/DPA Compliant - ICI Notified ZA258469
  • Member: World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Member: United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
  • Personal Service Guaranteed to all of my Clients
  • Clients from The United States and Canada. Welcome.
  • I offer reasonable rates, wherever you my be based.

We are thoroughly vetted by the World Association of Professional Investigators. And the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network. So you, the CLIENT, can be assured of a Thorough, In-Depth and Vigorous Investigation.

"Don't Delay, Act Now" ...

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